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emf is the energy which is only there tf theur is some potential difference so no emf

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Q: If a conductor placed in electric field is there any emf induced in the conductor?
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Why does emf is induced when conductor is placed in magnetic field?

one condition for the above question is either conductor or magnetic field must be rotating.considering rotating field and stationary conductor,the magnetic flux will be cut up by conductor resulting in the induced emf in the conductor.

How was current produce or induced?

Current is induced and not produced. when an electric wire is passed through magnetic field the current is induced in the electric wire, this electric wire is enamelled copper conductor of a rotor.AnswerCurrent is never 'induced' into a conductor. It is a voltage that is induced. If that conductor is then part of a complete circuit, then the induced voltage will cause a current to flow. The induced voltage will occur even when the conductor is open circuited.

How does electromagnetic induction produce induced current?

Before you can understand how electrical energy is supplied by your electric company, you need to know how it is produced. A magnet and a conductor, such as a wire, can be used to induce a current in the conductor. The key is motion. An electric current is induced in a conductor when the conductor moves through a magnetic field. Generating an electric current from the motion of a conductor through a magnetic field is called electromagnetic induction. Current that is generated in this way is called induced current. To induce a current in a conductor, either the conductor can move through the magnetic field or the magnet itself can move.

How does emf is induced in a conductor?

EMF is induced in a conductor by a moving or fluctuating magnetic field.

How change in magnetic field can induce electric current in conductor?

If there is a change in a magnetic field, a current can be induced into a conducting loop. The change can occur if the strength of the magnetic field is changed, or if the conductor is moved in and out of the field.

How do you generate an electric field using a magnet?

the conductor is placed in between the magnets,the dc supply is given to the these magnets to make a electromagnets and intial motion is given to the conductor manually or electrically to cut the flux automatically emf will be induced

What is magnetic effect of electric current?

A magnetic field is induced around any conductor carrying an electric current.As explained in the Oersted Theory.

What is induced emf?

It is the voltage generated by a conductor or coil moving in magnetic field, e.g. the winding in an electric motor.

What will be induced in a conductor when the conductor moves through a magnetic field?


How is voltage induced in a conductor?

According to Faraday's law, a voltage is induced in a conductor by a changing magnetic field.

If a conductor is placed in a uniform electric field does the conductor gain any charge?

The conductor will not gain any charge that is not placed on it by you. However, the electric field will displace the free charges already within the conductor (by its nature) such that there will be a non-uniform surface charge density. Remember: a conductor must have zero electric field inside it, so the charges rearrange to cancel the external E-field. Again, this only repositions the existing charge, but it does not add or remove any charge.

The magnitude of the voltage induced in a conductor moving through a stationary magnetic field depends on the and the of the conductor?

The magnitude of the voltage induced in a conductor moving through a stationary magnetic field depends on the length and the speed of the conductor.

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