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ankle monitors, home monitoring systems, and GPS to name a few.

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Q: List Examples of electronic monitoring and surveillance equipment?
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What are the examples of electronic tools and equipments and their functions?

function of electronic mail

What are the uses of plc's?

PLC stands for Programmable Logic Controller. It is a computer that controls/automates industrial machinery and equipment by monitoring inputs, and controlling outputs based on what the program running on the PLC tells it to do. Examples of inputs: tachometers, switches, thermostats, etc. Examples of outputs: lights, horns, high voltage contacts for switching motors on and off, etc. PLC's are used to control amusement park rides, conveyor systems, and most industrial equipment found at production lines, mills, etc. A PLC can be used to control/automate virtually any piece of equipment or machine.

What are examples of moments of inertia in sports equipment?

A moment of inertia in sports equipment is when a hockey puck continues moving in the same direction until another player's stick hits it. Likewise, it remained at rest until the first player hit it.

Examples of embedded system development?

An electronic thermometer and a digital alarm clock are two examples. Data sharing with the server and other devices need a wired or wireless network when a device is networked. Self-service kiosks or smart home systems are a couple of examples. Mobile refers to small, lightweight gadgets that you can carry around with you.

What are the scopes of ecommerce?

Think of the electronic or internet economy as having three primary components: (1) Electronic Commerce (e-Commerce) Any transaction completed over a computer-mediated network that transfers ownership of, or rights to use, goods or services. The value of goods and services sold on-line. The term "on-line" includes the use of the Internet, Intranet, and Extranet, as well as proprietary information that runs over systems such as Electronic Data Interchanges (EDI) networks. (2) Electronic business supporting infrastructure The economic infrastructure that is used to support electronic business processes and conduct electronic commerce transactions. It includes hardware, software, telecommunication networks, support services, and human capital used in electronic business and commerce. (3) Electronic business processes Processes that a business organization conducts over a computer-mediated network. Business organizations include any for-profit, governmental, or nonprofit entity. Examples of on-line e-business processes include the following: * Purchasing * Selling * Vendor-managed inventory * Production management * Logistics * Communication and Support Services such as on-line training and recruiting

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What are the three examples of electronic monitoring?

credit cards, online surveys, ankle bracelets

Where can you buy surveillance equipment?

Surveillance equipment can be purchased in most places that sell electronics. Some examples are: Walmart, Target, Best Buy, and Radio Shack. Some online retailers, such as Amazon, also sell that type of equipment.

Where can I buy surveillance equipment?

You have many options when it comes to buying surveillance equipment. Chain stores such as Best Buy carry things of this nature and you can also find more specialized websites. and are a few examples.

What is healthcare equipment?

used by physicians and other medical personnel to help aid in patient diagnosis, monitoring, and treatment. ... Equipment that constantly measures blood pressure, oxygen level, and other vital signs are good examples of healthcare monitoring equipment

What are examples of businesses that commonly use camera survelliance equipment?

Many companies, such as Tesco, use camera surveillance equipment around the building. This may be done to prevent intruders. Similarly, office-based companies may use computer surveillance on their workers, for example.

What examples of sensors used in security surveillance?

Motion sensors and surveillance cameras are used in basic security surveillance.

What are some good computer monitoring software programs that are available?

"There are many good computer monitoring software available. A few examples are: Family Cyber Alert, SoftActivity Keylogger, and System Surveillance Pro. Many can be found for free from Cnet downloads."

What are some good examples of ADT jobs?

ADT is an abbreviation for American District Telegraph. Some good examples of ADT jobs are fire alarm service and installation technician, electronic security system service and installation technician and video surveillance officer.

What are examples of electronic materials?

Some of the examples of electronic materials include the circuit boards and other components such as diodes and capacitors. A lot of electronic waste consists of electronic materials that were not recycled.

What kind of electronics can be found wholesale from China?

The types of electronic devices that can be found from a whole sale from china is a diversity of devices and equipment. A few examples would be tablets, phones, cameras and many more electronic devices similar to these.

What are the examples of electronic tools and equipments and their functions?

function of electronic mail

What are the examples of netiquette?

usage of electronic

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