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type *ptr;

type-data type

*-is dereferencin opterator

ptr- pointer

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Q: Syntax of pointers in c programming?
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What is decleration part in C programming?


What is the difference between c plus plus and java programming?

Java doesn't have pointers. C++ has pointers.

What are the pointers in computer programming using c?


What is the need to use pointers in C programming?

find the address

What is indirection in c programming?

Accessing data via pointers.

What is meant by linked list in c programming?

It has nothing to do with C: it is a list implemented with pointers.

What are the syntax of turbo c language?

Standard C with little extensions like near, far, huge and _seg pointers.

What are pointers in c-programming?

i don't realy have any idea about this but i think its the need of postures

What is programming syntax?

programming syntax is defined as a predefined pattern in which the program is written. for example:- the programming syntax in c is as: #include<headerfile or prototype> as per need. global declaration. main function or(void main) { body of coding; //comments } user defined functions() { coding; //comments }

Uses of pointers?

In computer terminology, pointer is a programming language. It is an important part of C language. Uses of pointers: C pointer, C arrays, C linked list, memory-mapped hardware, Pass-by-address using pointers, Dynamic memory allocation.

Java syntax are based on which language?

Java syntax was influenced by the syntax of C and C++ programming languages. The syntax of Java is similar to these languages, which makes it easier for developers who are familiar with C and C++ to learn and write Java code. However, Java also has several unique features and syntax rules that set it apart from other programming languages. Additionally, Java has its own class libraries and APIs, which provide developers with a wide range of built-in functionality and make it easier to develop complex applications. For more information, please visit: 1stepgrow

Why pointer is callded jewel of c language?

A bit of poetry, forget it. What is true: pointers are very important in C programming.

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