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A pointer to a function is the memory address that stores the address of a function, while the pointer itself is a function pointer.

A pointer to a function might be defined as "int (*pf)(int, int);", while to actually point to the function, you would use a function pointer, such as "pf = &func;".

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2013-03-14 21:02:14
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Q: What is the difference between a function pointer and a pointer to a function?
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Give the difference between function and pointer in c?

There is no similarity between the two.

What is the difference bw function pointer and function of pointer?

function pointer is a variable that hold the address of any function which declared in the program but function pointer is the array of the function that accept the run time size of the function.

What is the difference between a structure pointer and a pointer to structure?

Nothing, they are synonyms.

What is the difference between the mouse pointer and the cursor?

The mouse pointer is called a cursor

How can you declare a pointer function?

*function();this declares a pointer function!

What is the difference between pointer and array?

Pointer holds an address Array holds values

What difference between a pointer variable and a pointer constant?

The former is variable, the latter is constant.

Difference between pointer to constant and constant pointer?

1. pointer to a constant means you can not change what the pointer points to 2. constant pointer means you can not change the pointer.

Difference between function and objective function?

difference between function and objectives?

Difference between genric pointer and normal pointer?

Generic pointer of type 'void *' is compatible with any (data-)pointer, but you cannot use the following operators on it: + - ++ -- += -= * -> []

What is the difference between a reference and a pointer in c?

The difference that i learnt very recently and the one i remember :-)Reference cannot be changed whereas pointer value can be changed.Actually, const pointer = reference.

What do you mean by function to pointer?

Nothing. You might have meant pointer-to-function.

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