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A dc load line is formed by joining the 2 points wherin the slope is equal to the inverse of the load resistance.. whereas the ac load lin has a different slope... and it intersects the dc load line at the quiescent point.

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2008-04-08 14:28:10
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Q: What are ac and DC load lines?
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What is the difference between AC and DC line load?

No difference a load is a load however AC/DC defines the type of a load that is.

What are Ac load lines in an amplifier and how they are drawn?

The dc load resistance is Rc but the AC Load resistance is (RcRl). If a load line is drawn the slope of which is -1(Rc Rl) . Then it is called an AC load line and it is to be used when the transistor is operating as an amplifier.

Difference between dc load line and ac load line?

The difference between a dc load line and an ac load line is the source of the electricity. A dc load line is coming from a battery and an ac load line is through a direct electrical current.

Ac and dc load line of BJT-explain?

when the dc supply given, dc load line lies in the Ic and Vcc. when the AC supply given, AC load line lies in the Ic and Vcc.

Difference between ac load line and dc load line?

well the difference mainly exists in the method of finding them , these are :-1. in finding DC load line :-open all AC sourcesopen all the capacitors2. for AC load line:-open all the Dc sourcesshort all the capacitors.

Can you use a 12V DC power supply for a 110V AC load?

No. You need a 110V AC power supply for a 110V AC load.

How many dc 100watts equals to ac watts?

DC 100W equals AC 100W as far as heating and lighting load is concerned. AC load is equated in RMS equivalent to DC Watts.

What is the difference between AC load line DC load line?

DC load line- A straight line joining saturation & cut off point.

How do you calculate primary AC for 3 phase ac input if output load dc current is known?

DC Current divided by 1.225

How are dc and ac circuits the same?

they both can add a load to a circuit

Ac voltage applied across a load resistance produce alternating current?

The reason an AC voltage applied across a load resistance produces alternating current is because when you have AC voltage you have to have AC current. If DC voltage is applied, DC current is produced.

When you short two wires of 24V dc there is no sparking in telephone lines why?

because it dc not ac

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