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The simple answer is C, classes and objects. The components of C are data types and functions. A class combines data with the functions that operate upon that data, while an object is an instance of a class.

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Q: What are the components of visual c plus plus?
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Who developed visual c plus plus?

Microsoft developed Visual C++.

What is the brief history of visual c plus plus?

The complete history of Visual C++ can be found in the "Visual C++" article in Wikipedia.

Is Visual C or Visual C plus plus platform independent?

No, M$ Windoze only.

Is microsoft visual c plus plus the same as visual c plus plus?

Yes. Microsoft Visual C++ is the correct name, but it is often abbreviated to MSVC++ or just VC++. They are all the same.

Can you make programs of C in visual c plus plus?


Can you use visual c plus plus for window programming in c language?

Yes, you can. It's beauty of Visual Studio. You can write it c, c++, and c#.

Is visual studio c plus plus 2010 free?

No. Visual C++ Express is free, but Visual Studio C++ must be bought. The Express edition is a subset of the Studio release.

How visual c plus plus enhance the basic features of c plus plus languages?

Visual C++ provides all the headers and libraries required to write Windows programs, but is not standards-compliant with ISO/ANSI C++.

What are the application program of visual c plus plus?

Microsoft Visual C++ is specifically intended for writing Windows applications of any kind.

Where do you get visual c plus plus?

It is part of the Visual Studio IDE from Microsoft. You can also buy it separately.

How can you make a triangle in Visual C plus plus 2010?

Nevermind, I did it.

Advantages and disadvantages of C plus plus over visual basic?

C++ is cross-platform, Visual Basic is Windows-only. C++ code does not require a runtime library while Visual Basic does. Visual Basic is more abstract and easier to work with.

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