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To arrange data in a particular manner.these manner or set of rules is defined in the data structure so that the data used in computer systems can properly used at necessary time.

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I think it is its members that you think of. They can be anything you want, for an example see structure div_t in your stdlib.h

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to retrieve data efficiently from computer.

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Q: What are the goals of data structure?
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What are the subject-matters of data structure?

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How do you amend a data structure?

How do you amend a data structure?

What is the difference between allocation and search data structure?

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What is the weakness of Data structure diagram?

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What is a homogeneous data structure and why is this a weakness for RDBMS?

in homogeneous data structure all the elements of same data types known as homogeneous data structure. example:- array

Which data structure used in database?

You create your own data structure in database.

Every data structure in data warehouse contains time element?

Every data structure in the data warehouse contains the time element. Why?

Quick sort is faster in data structure?

I think the data structure in question is array.

What is the difference between data and data structure?

Data structure: An information structure is an arrangement of information considered as one substance. An int, for instance, is a straightforward variable, can't be considered as an information structure, yet an exhibit is an information structure. Data: Information will be data that has been interpreted into a frame that is more advantageous to move or procedure.

Role of data structure to insert an element in the data structure?

using data structure an element can insert at any position easily. with out traversing through the entire list.

Is data structure a language?

No, a data structure is a particular way of storing and organizing data in a computer so that it can be used efficiently.

What is fifo data structure?

FIFO, means "First In, First Out". An example of such a data structure is a queue.