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Coverts source code into object code

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Q: What does a compiler do when you compile your program?
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How compiler compile a program?

With a compiler. Read the documentation for programming package for help on how to.

When does a program show a compiling error?

When a program contains a compiler error, the compiler will detect it, preventing the program from compiling. Compiler errors must be fixed before a program will compile successfully.

What is Commands for the compiler that are needed to compile and run your program?

javac is the command that is used to compile Java source files.

How do you run and compile a java applet program?

One can run and compile a Java applet program by agreeing to the terms and downloading it. It is possible to get a compiler online that will compile and run Java programs.

How do you compile a c program in windows OS?

First, install a C-compiler.

How do you compile and execute a 16 bit compiler program from a command prompt?

Compiler-dependent. If you have Turbo C, it will be command TCC

How a c compiler work?

compiler is just translator it translates the our source program to equivalent langauage,so computer can easily understand and compile that program efficiently................

Which produces faster program execution a compiler or pure interpreter?

A compiled program would execute faster than an interpreter running the same code step by step.

What is compile time and run time?

Compile time is when the compiler translates your source code into computer language. Run time is when the actual program runs.

What is compile time?

Compile Time: In longer form, you might say, "at the time of compiling", or, "when the program is compiled". When you compile a program, the compiler applies various processes to your source code in order to generate the executable files. These are actions that happen "at compile time". Other actions happen when you actually run the finished program. These actions are said to occur, at, or in, "run time".

What are the main features of a compiler in C programming language?

A compiler is a comp. Program that transforms source code written in programming language into another comp. Language.the main reason to compile a program is to create an executable program...

When you compile a program do you have to give a command to print the source program?

No. You can compile without printing the source. Indeed, I know of no compiler that would allow a program's source to be printed while it is being compiled. They are completely separate and unrelated tasks.