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Ammonia plants makes ammonia. So ammonia plants smell NH3.

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Q: What does ammonia plants smell like?
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What does an ammonia factory smell like?

ammonical smell............:-)

Why does fish smell like ammonia?

Fish smells like ammonia when it starts to spoil.

What does it mean if you smell ammonia in your nose?

The most common cause of having an ammonia smell in your nose is your diet. People who have a high protein and low carbohydrate diet can smell ammonia and their sweat can actually smell like ammonia too.

Why do babies diapers smell like ammonia in the mornings?

because there is ammonia in pee

Why does my cat's urine smell like ammonia?

Its the natural smell of cat's urine

Why do mushrooms smell like ammonia when cooking?

No they dont smell like that. Mushrooms are made by fungus.

My under ware smell like ammonia?

your a freak

What does ammonia gas smell like?

Ammonia smells like very long-stayed urine and a mixture with cabbage.

What are facts about ammonia?

The smell of ammonia isn't a smell, it is a chemical burn. Even people with anosmia can detect the "smell" of ammonia

What about the smell of ammonia?

Ammonia is a gas generally. It has a very bad smell.

What does it mean if you're underwear smell of ammonia?

Vaginal discharge smells like ammonia Why does my vaginal discharge smell like ammonia? Vaginal discharge that smells like ammonia is definitely not normal. The causes for ammonia smelling vaginal discharge include * infection of vaginal tract * washing your underwear with bleach * urinary tract infection Infection of vaginal tract causes ammonia like smell If bacteria infect the vaginal tract, vaginal discharge acquires an ammonia like smell. Hence, one possible cause of an ammonia smelling vaginal discharge is bacterial infection of the vaginal tract. Doctors use antibiotics to treat vaginal tract infections. Once the doctor treats the infection, the ammonia like smell will disappear. Washing your underwear with bleach can cause ammonia like smell An often overlooked cause of ammonia smelling vaginal discharge is washing your underwear with bleach. When your genital area sweats, the sweat collects on your underwear. When the sweat combines with bleach it gives rise to an ammonia like smell. If you are smelling your underwear to judge the smell of your vaginal secretions, then remember that your sweat, and not your vaginal secretions, might be causing the ammonia like smell. Try smelling your vaginal secretions directly and not the underwear, if you want to rule out whether it is the sweat that is causing the smell or the vaginal secretions.

What does spoiled pork smell like?

Spoiled pork can smell like rotten eggs with an odor of sulfur. It may have a sour smell or an ammonia-like smell when the meat is bad.

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