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Longitudinal aircraft dynamics

variables are (small) deviations from operating point or trim conditions

state (components):

u: velocity of aircraft along body axis

v: velocity of aircraft perpendicular to body axis

(down is positive)

: angle between body axis and horizontal

(up is positive)

q : angular velocity of aircraft (pitch rate)

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Q: What is meant by longitudinal dynamics of aircraft?
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What has the author Martin R Waszak written?

Martin R Waszak has written: 'Analysis of flexible aircraft longitudinal dynamics and handling qualities'

What does the longtitudinal axis do on an aircraft?

The longitudinal axis of an airplane is an imaginary line running lengthwise from nose to tail. Movement around the longitudinal axis is referred to as "roll" and is controlled by the ailerons. Movement about the longitudinal axis results in a banked attitude of the aircraft (where one wing is higher than the other) and, combined with rudder input causes the aircraft to turn.

What has the author F G Irving written?

F. G. Irving has written: 'An introduction to the longitudinal static stability of low-speed aircraft' -- subject(s): Longitudinal Stability of airplanes, Stability of airplanes, Longitudinal

What is meant by an aircraft maintenance area?

A part of the airfield where aircraft are worked on.

What is roll on a plane?

Roll is the movement of the aircraft around it's longitudinal axis, this is a line from the nose to the tail.

What is meant by aircraft chartering?

That is when a group or a company will rent an entire aircraft for a specific journey.

What is meant by payload for aircraft?

The payload is the cargo that it carries.

What has the author James G Batterson written?

James G. Batterson has written: 'Estimation of longitudinal stability and control derivatives for an icing research aircraft from flight data' -- subject(s): Aircraft stability, Aircraft control, Ice formation

What is roll rate in reference to aircraft?

Roll, pitch, and yaw - flight dynamics. See the below link for more info.

What are the characteristics of the aircraft KFM 112M?

The characteristics of the aircraft KFM 112M is a four cylinder with dual ignition and is meant to be designed for an ultralight aircraft and motor glides.

What is Dutch role in aviation?

Dutch roll is the tendency of an aircraft to roll and yaw about its longitudinal and vertical axis due to inherent instability in the design of the aircraft. Generally it is the result of a small vertical stabilizer design.

What has the author Jocelyn I Pritchard written?

Jocelyn I. Pritchard has written: 'Sensitivity analysis and optimization of nodal point placement for vibration reduction' -- subject(s): Structural dynamics 'An overview of landing gear dynamics' -- subject(s): Landing gear, Aircraft landing, Aircraft brakes, Surveys, Dynamic characteristics, Structural vibration

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