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  • Hypertext - Hypertext is basically the same as regular text - it can be stored, read, searched, or edited - with an important exception: hypertext is text with pointers to other text. The browsers let you deal with the pointers in a transparent way -- select the pointer, and you are presented with the text that is pointed to.
  • Hypermedia - Hypermedia is a superset of hypertext. Hypermedia documents contain links not only to other pieces of text, but also to other forms of media - sounds, images, and movies. Images themselves can be selected to link to sounds or documents. This means that browsers might not display a text file, but might display images or sound or animations. Hypermedia simply combines hypertext and multimedia.
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Q: What is the difference between hypermedia and hypertext?
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The difference between hypertext and hypermedia is that hypertext is a subset of hypermedia. Hypertext is the electronic text format while hypermedia pertains to the audio, text, graphics, and video interconnected using hyperlinks.

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Hypermedia is an enhancement of Hypertext. Multimedia is combination of both these

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Hypermedia is a system that links different forms of information together using a hypertext. As an extension to hypertext, it handles graphics videos, data, audio, and text.

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The World Wide Web

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Multimedia is based on two key concepts; integration and interactivity while hypermedia is based on a relational database organisation

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multimedia is media & content that uses a combination of different content forms

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