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DC Motor works on DC source and AC motor works on AC source

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Q: What is the different between ac dc motors?
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Are the fan motors on fanuc ac spindle motors ac or dc?

usually ac 110v even on the dc motors

Why are DC motors used instead of AC motors?

Very often we use ac motors as well. dc motors are simpler if you have a dc supply to run them off.

DC vs AC motors?

People consider AC motors to be more efficient than DC motors. AC motors have faster start up speed than DC motors that's why they are commonly used in factories.

What the main different between shunt motor and induction motor and AC motors?

induction motor is AC motor also synchronic motors are AC motors but second one has not slip but first one has slip . shut motor is DC motor

who is more efficient dc motor or ac motor and why?

DC motors are generally more efficient than AC motors. DC motors have a lower amount of inertial associated with them, making them more efficient to run.

Is fan operating in ac voltage?

A fans blades are driven by motors. Since there are both AC and DC motors, fans can be AC or DC. The fans in your computer are DC fans. Your ceiling fans are AC fans. (Thanks for fixing my answer)

What part are different between dc motor and ac motor?

DC motor has commutator to convert AC into DC. but incase of AC there is no commutator

Why does modern hybrids use ac synchronous motor instead of dc series motors?

Toyota uses AC motors, Honda uses DC motors. It varies with design goals.

Can DC series motor work on ac and DC and why?

A dc series motor can work on dc and ac because dc motors are totally reversible.

What is the difference in ac and dc motors?

The difference is in the way the motors are internally wound.

What is the difference between AC and DC motors?

The difference between AC and DC has to do with the direction in which the electrons flow. In DC, the electrons flow steadily in a single direction ("forwards"). In AC, electrons keep switching directions, sometimes going "forwards" and then going "backwards."

Can ac motors run on low dc current?


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