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rear hatch outer handle, or if the part your'e talking about is inside the door its called a rear hatch doorlatch...hey it rhymes!

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โˆ™ 2005-10-19 04:45:43
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Q: What is the part called that opens the hatchback on a 1999 Toyota Sienna?
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How do you open the rear door of a Toyota Sienna van when it is jammed?

hi i have 2004 toyota sienna xle limited and the tailgate door not opening it is opens 1 inch then it is shots back i dont know what shod i do

What is hatchback cars?

A hatchback is a car with a boot that opens up and is one piece.

What is Cars?

A hatchback is a car with a boot that opens up and is one piece.

Whats the difference between a Toyota Celica hatchback and a Toyota Celica coupe?

A hatchback, or liftback is where the whole back of the car opens up (lifts up....including the back window), also the car usually slopes in the back,where as a coupe is notched in the back. The coupe has only a regular trunk where the window is above it and fixed in place. So basically if the window lifts with the "trunk" when you open it, it is a hatchback, or liftback (hatchback, and liftback are the same, Toyota uses the term liftback), and if the "trunk" opens without the window lifting also, it is a coupe. SECOND USER ANSWER:: The interior is different as well.. especially the seating configuration as the hatchback had to be designed differently inside in order to still qualify under DOT and insurance specs to be rated as a "passenger" car instead of a "sprots" car. Coupe front seats slide a LOT farther back than the front seats in a hatchback and were designed in order to accomodate a rear seat in the hatchback to meet these specs. Rear side windows are different as well as is the fuel tank placement. Basically, from the front seats back, it is a whole different animal. I have owned both from various generations.

What does hatchback or sedan car mean?

Sedans are four-door cars with a standard trunk. A hatchback has a rear door, or hatch, that opens vertically from the bottom. They can have two or four doors depending on the make and model, and can also be known as "wagons". These differ from sedans because sedans are four-door cars, while two-door cars are called "coupes".

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How do you open the hatchback on 2003 350z?

with doors unlocked in the center of rear bumper in license plate area there is a black rubber bumper that opens it. or on the key fob.

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