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Replace them

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In this type of wave particles of the medium vibrate perpendicularly to the direction of the wave itself

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Q: What should you do if electrical cables become nicked or frayed excessively?
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Is AC or DC safer?

There are two methods of powering equipment with mains power supplies. One is to take the AC mains voltage directly into the device at 110 or 230 volts. The other is to convert the mains voltage to a low voltage DC level, typically 5 to 30 volts using a mains adaptor. In this situation, the DC voltage is safer because the typical voltages are too low to be hazardous. For a given voltage above 50 volts or so, AC is generally considered to be safer than DC. Inadvertent contact with an DC voltage can cause muscles to spasm, making it hard or impossible to move away from the contact. AC, on the other hand, is continually passing a zero voltage point, so allowing a short time to move away from the contact point. Although it is rare in a domestic situation to find high DC voltages, they can be present in some equipment. A high powered audio amplifier can have voltages as high as 120 volts DC. The voltage presents no hazard unless access is gained to the inside of equipment. Inadvertent contact with 120 V DC causes more pain compared to a similar AC voltage simply because the contact will tend to be longer. Make no mistake, coming into contact with either is an unpleasant experience at best. There is no need to worry about high voltages as long as cables and equipment are kept in good condition. It is important to make sure that equipment enclosures are not damaged and that the insulation of cables are not frayed or worn.

What is the difference between overloading and short circuit?

In simple terms a short circuit is when negative & positive come together I:E a cable (positive)that is frayed touches the ground (negative). A short circuit is also known as a dead short. An example of an overload might be. If the wiring in your car headlights was rated at 20 Amps & you wired driving lights into that circuit, the Amperage draw would go up to 40 Amps Causing the fuse to blow, or if the circuit was unfused, the wiring to burn out.

No ignition spark on a 99 tracker 2.0 engine?

There could be multiple reasons for this. The best thing to do is check the cheapest thing first. First, check the spark plugs for black or dark tips. If they show signs of being burnt, replace them. Next, check the spark plug wires for poor conductivity (insulation or frayed wires). Inspect the spark plug wires for gashes, tears, or signs of wearing. If that doesn't solve the problem check the battery voltage and make sure you have properly grounded components. Also check the distributor for proper connection.

What Precautions required in arc welding?

Safety is important when welding. Make sure you have protective clothing (jacket, no frayed pants, helmet with proper shade, steel toe boots if material falls, etc.) Make sure people around you know your welding! Eye surgery sucks! NO Flammable liquids! (lacquer thinner is great for cleaning dirty metal before welding, but causes really big flames if you don't wipe off with a simple green type cleaner) Know where to kill the power if you have a problem, and where the extinguishers are VENTILATION! Clean air, good, welding fumes not so good.

Is an electrical extension cord the same as a wall outlet?

The extension cord will extend the power outlet from a wall socket. The voltage will be the same at the end of the cord as it is from the socket. Be aware that extension cord may have a limit, as to how much current it can provide. The cord should be thick enough to provide as much power as the outlet can. It will then be properly protected by the circuit's fuse or breaker. A thin cord may get hot if a large consumer is plugged in, unless the cord is protected by it's own fuse at the plug end.

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What should you do if the electrical cables become nicked or frayed excessively?

replace it

If the cables become nicked or frayed excessively what should you do?

replace it

Why is frayed cable dangerous?

Frayed cables/wires can cause fires.

What appliances use frayed or damaged electrical cords?

No appliances should be used with a frayed or damaged electrical cord.

Can a frayed electrical cord start a fire?


If you discover a frayed cord on an electrical appliance in your service user home what should you do?

A frayed cord on an electrical appliance should be replaced before the appliance is used again.

Why is a frayed cable dangerous?

Frayed cables can be highly dangerous. If they are weight bearing cables, the fray can cause a loss of integrity and failure of the cable. The fray itself can cause punctures and lacerations. If the cable is carrying any charge, the fray can result in a failure of the insulation and possible electric shock.

Can a iron start a home fire?

absolutely, with a frayed cord or an electrical short in the wire

Are chair lift cables sharp?

No, They are smooth. There are laws the keep the cables from being used if it is frayed . Think about it, If they were sharp they would wear down machines parts quick if they were sharp.

Where do most electrical accidents happen at home?

From poor connections, worn electrical cords, frayed electrical cords and using larger wattage bulbs then authorized.

What is a sentence for the word frayed?

Frayed is a past participle verb. It can be used in the following sentences:The rope was so badly frayed that I couldn't tie it in a not.Cheap clothes can quickly become frayed.Burning the ends of cord is a good way to stop it becoming frayed.

Are electrical cord frayed or cracked?

They can be of they are old or have been abraded. If they are they should be replaced with new cords.

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