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For engineering fields, mathematics. If you do not understand calculus by the end of your first year of college, then it is time to change majors. It would be help to have studied calculus in high school in your senior year. In my first year of AE, my first quarter was the entire year of pre-calculus in high school.

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A minimum of a bachelor's degree in Aerospace, Aeronautical, or other appropriate field of engineering, specific to the area on which you would like to focus, is generally required. Some employers may also want a master's degree in engineering, but you will likely not need a doctorate, unless you plan on remaining in academia.

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Q: What training is needed for aerospace engineering?
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What are the requirements to become an aerospace engineer?

The minimum requirement needed to become an Aerospace Engineer is a high class engineering degree. After this there will be technical and specialised training to be undertaken.

Where can I take aerospace engineering and earn my degree ?

Aerospace Engineering degrees are offered by NASA as well as other trusted aerospace institutions around the world. Russia and Japan have the technology to provide comprehensive training.

What qualifications are needed for this profession a pilot?

Most likely it would be a scientific or engineering background. Qualifications in Physics, Aerospace etc will be a must. Military training will be a bonus, so will being physically fit.

Is a graduate degree required for aerospace engineering?

No. You can get a job with just a B.S. in Aerospace Engineering.

What is Aerospace Engineering?

Aerospace engineering is the branch of engineering concerned with the research, designed, development, and technology of aircraft and spacecraft.

I am a Electronics and Communication graduate can you do MS in Aerospace Engineering?

yes! i can do MS in aerospace engineering. ha!

What is the population of ST Mobile Aerospace Engineering?

The population of ST Mobile Aerospace Engineering is 1,600.

What are the branches suitable for girls in aerospace engineering?

All branches of aerospace engineering are suitable for women.

When was ST Mobile Aerospace Engineering created?

ST Mobile Aerospace Engineering was created in 1990.

What type of engineering is the balloon?

balloons are aerospace engineering.

What is needed to get a bachlors in aerospace engineering?

If you want to be an aerospace engineer, you should probably actually set your sights on a master's degree, not a bachelor's degree. Aerospace engineers take full and rigorous coursework in science and mathematics, including everything from physics to mechanical engineering, as well as lab work/applied work.

When was Myanmar Aerospace Engineering University created?

Myanmar Aerospace Engineering University was created on 2002-02-15.