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Mechanical Engineer

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Q: What type of Engineer designs electric engines?
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What type of engineer designs systems and structures for flight vehicles?

Aerospace Engineer

Which type of engineer designs equipment to clean air water and soil?

environmental engineer

Which type of engineer designs CD player televisions and cell phones?


Which type of engineer designs mostly buildings?

civil engineers -apex

Which type of engineer design mostly building civil engineer chemical engineer aerospace engineer and mechanical engineer?

Civil Engineer designs building. Basically, they are dealing with designs, planning, constructions and maintenance of roads, dams, bridges, buildings and canals. Civil Engineers need to play several roles such as structural engineers, site engineer, environmental engineers etc.

What do you call the type of engineer that designs bridges?

civil engineers, structural engineers, and architects are the main bridge builders.

What type of engineer starts with the letter d?

· Dairy Engineer · Design Engineer · Drafting Engineer

What year was motors invented?

Need to know which type, gasoline, diesel, electric or steam engines.

What type of engines are there on a Boeing 747?

Four General Electric Turbofans which produce 56,000 pounds of thrust each.

The Engineers Thumb What type of engines did the engineer in the story specialize in?

Victor Hatherley was a hydraulic engineer concerned with the flow and conveyance of fluids not unlike the blood that flowed from his wound nor the leakage he discovered in the hydraulic press.

What can an engineer do?

It depends on the type of engineer he or she is.

A motor converts what type of energy to what type of energy?

Motors come in different forms but mainly internal combustion (gasoline and diesel) and electric. Combustion engines use the chemical energy in the fuel, electric motors use electric energy from a power plant.

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Which type of engineer designs equipment to clean air water and soil?

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