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There is no problem using a generator to run more inductive load so long as the generator capacity can supply the needed power to the inductive loads. The inductive loads should not be switched on at the same time but there should be a little delay before another load is switched ON as inductive loads draw more power at start ON. The power factor of the inductive loads also affect the generator, hence for safe operation a power factor that is approaching 1 is desirable.

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In this type of wave particles of the medium vibrate perpendicularly to the direction of the wave itself

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Q: What will happen when diesel genertor set run on more inductive load?
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How do you use electric power in inductive load?

The actual energy consumed in load is inductive load

Fan is inductive load or resistive load?

Inductive since it has a motor with windings.

Is a magnetic coil an inductive load?

Yes, a coil is an example of an inductive load.

Explain the Phaser diagram of inductive load?

what would be the phasor diagram of inductive load

What is non-inductive load?

non- inductive load is without motor and transformer loads are non-inductive load, purely resistive are capacitive loads phase angle is unity are leading PF A non-inductive load is a load whose current does not change instantaneously.

Why pure inductive load is used to for finding zero power factor instead of using pure inductive load?

The question makes no sense. It asks why a pure inductive load is used ... instead of a pure inductive load. Please restate the question.

Is a fluorescent light fitting an inductive or resistive load?


What are the properties of inductive load?

inductive load does not allow the current to become zero eve though the supply source get removed . inductive load reduce the power factor . they does not allow sudden change in current in the load ...

Do air conditioners use resistive load or inductive load?

resistive loadAnswerIf the current is driving a motor, then the load is resistive-inductive.

Is bulb an inductive load or resistive load?


Is a geyser a inductive load?

No, a geyser is a resistive load.

Is a transformer load inductive or capacitive?

A transformer is fundamentally a set of coils; therefore, a transformer is an inductive load. However, by "transformer load", you seem to mean "the load that is connected to a transformer". Whether that load is inductive or capacitive depends mostly on what is hooked up to the transformer.

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