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1958. It came into common use in the early 1970s.

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Q: When was the Integrated circuit invented?
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Where was the first integrated circuit invented?


Jack Kilby invented the?

he created an integrated circuit

Who invented the integrated circuit and what company did he work for?

Jack Kilby of Texas Instruments and Robert Noyceof Fairchild Semiconductor working independently of each other invented the first integrated circuit.

What jack kilby did?

Jack Kilby invented the Integrated Circuit .

Jack Kilby invented the integrated circuit?

Jack St. Clair Kilby, with help from Robert Noyce, invented the first integrated circuit in 1958. They were employed by Texas Instruments at the time.

Who and where the Integrated circuit invented?

JACK KILBY was invented the first I.C.in12-9-1958.

What did Jack Kilby invent?

Jack Kilby invented the Integrated Circuit .

Why was the invention of integrated circuit important?

Because if the integrated circuit "The Chip" wasn't invented, Then we would still be using vacuum tubes. Which are weaker, and more expensive to have.

Who made the first circuit?

Jack Kilby invented the first integrated circuit - the microchip

When was the 1st integrated Circuit invented?

In 1958 received a patent by Jack Kilby

What were some inventions in 1958?

The integrated circuit, modem, and laser were invented in 1958.

How did Jack Kilby help to progress of computers?

He invented a monolithic integrated circuit using germanium in 1958. While it proved the concept of the monolithic integrated circuit, unfortunately it was not practical for commercial production and sale as the electrical connections between the integrated components on the chip had to be done entirely by hand under a microscope. The first practical monolithic integrated circuit was invented by Robert Noyce in 1959 using silicon.