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in America

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Q: Where the first integrated circuits used?
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When were integrated circuits first used?

integrated circuits were introduced in 1958

Where was the first integrated circuits used?

In America

Which integrated circuits were used in the third generation of computers?

Both hybrid integrated circuits and monolithic integrated circuits were used in third generation computers. These integrated circuits contained from 4 to 100 transistors per integrated circuit. The image above shows hybrid integrated circuits of the type used in the IBM System 360 line of computers.

Where were the first integrated circuits?

In America

What elements were used to process data in each of the four generations of computers?

The first generation used vacuum tubes, the second used transistors, the third used integrated circuits, and the fourth used integrated circuits on a single computer chip.

Do integrated circuits have polarity?

Yes integrated circuits have polarity.

How did third generation of computers different from second generation of computers?

second generation computers used individual discrete transistors, mostly germanium.third generation computers used integrated circuits, some hybrid integrated circuits on ceramic, most silicon monolithic integrated circuits.

True or false the first computers to use the integrated circuit were known as third-generation computers?

True. Some of these computers used hybrid integrated circuits (e.g. IBM System/360) and some used monolithic integrated circuits (e.g. Apollo Guidance Computer, Minuteman II Guidance Computer)

What is small scale intregrated circuits?

small scale integrated circuits contain about 10 transistorsmedium scale integrated circuits contain about 100 transistorslarge scale integrated circuits contain about 1000 transistorsvery large scale integrated circuits contain about 10,000 transistorsultra large scale integrated circuits contain about 100,000 transistorsetc.modern digital integrated circuits contain about 100,000,000,000 transistors and sometimes much more

Why are integrated circuits used in electromagnetism?

The question doesn't make sense.

Why are Integrated circuits important?

how many instructions are used in atmal microcontroller

What are the disadvantages of integrated circuits?

The disadvantages of integrated circuits include the limited range of IC resistors. Another disadvantage is that inductors cannot be formed using integrated circuits.

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