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Microwave IS used in RADAR.

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Q: Why microwave is not used in radar?
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How does the wavelength of the waves used in microwaves ovens compare with the wavelength of waves used for radar?

Inches (microwave) vs. Feet (Radar).

How does the wavelength of waves used in the microwave ovens compare with the wavelength of waves used for radar?

The wavelength used in the microwave oven is about 12 centimeters. (rounded) In the early days, there were radar systems that used wavelengths longer than that, but there haven't been any for several decades now.

Microwave and radar question papers of 5th semister vtu university?

You can find recent papers of microwave and radar from the below link.

What are the uses of TRAPATT diodes in microwave communications?

1.They are used in microwave beacon. 2.They are used in low power Doppler radar as local oscillator . 3.They are used in landing system.

What are the names of three inventions that use radar technology?

microwave, radar system and um ducks

How can you define a radar?

measuring instrument in which the echo of a pulse of microwave radiation is used to detect and locate distant objects

Inventor of microwave?

Percy Spencer invented the very first microwave oven, called the 'Radarange', after World War II. He used radar technology developed during the war.

What was invented during a research project involving radar?


Remote sensing devices used to study the ocean floor?

Echo sounder, seismic profiler, magnetometer, microwave radar.

What type of rectifier used in radar?

the usual semiconductor rectifier used in the microwave band is a gunn diode. Vacuum tube diodes are sometimes used too.

What is the difference between a microwave and a radar range microwave?

Radar Range is a brand name. All microwaves are the same thing. It is like Mr. Coffee coffee maker, just a name.

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