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i got 105 marks in aieee what is the expected rank

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Q: You got 105 marks in the aieee what is the expected rank?
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Can you get admission in nit haryana with 105 marks in aieee 2009 as a female candidate?

it does not depend upon marks.. but on the cutoff... or you can say your rank. it has to be within 35000, if you belong to haryana.

What will be the expected rank in karnataka cet-2011 if score is 105 in pcb?

It should be anywhere between 1000 and 1500. Best of luck

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Expected cutoff of mp prt 2010?

105-110 would be cut off four govt. colleges

What college will get if you got 105 marks in MP PET?

mujhe pta hota toh me hi kyu poochti gadheee............

Have you any idea about the cutoff marks in BSNL JTO exam indifferent section?

In year 2007 the maximum marks obtained by any candidate is 105 and the lowest marks is 47.5 for those candiates who are selected as JTOs. so I think the cutoff for general candidates to be selected in bsnl is somewhat b/w 58 to 75.

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