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MSOG means Multiple Shots On Goal.

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multiple shots on goal

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Q: 'What does MSOG mean
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What does MSOG mean and can someone explain it?

multiple shots on goal. sexual refernce

Escort term msog?

Multiple shots on goal

What does the slang MSOG mean in hooker business?

The term is an acronym for "Multiple Shots On Goal." This refers to a prostitute allowing a client/john/hobbyist/trick to have multiple ejaculations for one price, rather than ending the session after the client has ejaculated once.

What do these terms mean talking escorts gfe pse msog bbbj russian greek daty cim owo bbbjtc bbfs?

GFE - Girl friend experience PSE - Porn star experience BBBJ - Bareback BJ (oral sex, no condoms) Russian - Breast sex Greek - Anal CIM - C** in mouth BBFS - Bareback sex (No condoms) MSOG - Multiple Shots On Goal (multiple sex acts included for the same fee) DATY - Dinner At The Y (oral sex w/ woman, cunnilingus) OWO - Oral Without (condom) (same as BBBJ) BBBJTC - Bare Back Blow Job To Completion (= BBBJ + CIM)

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