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The term 'status quo' is a noun meaning the existing state or condition of something.

The 'status quo against the current government' means the existing condition of whatever entities or factions that are against the current government.

The status quo of the current government means the existing condition of the current government.

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Q: Are status quo against the current government?
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What is the meaning of to challenge the status quo?

Status quo means the norm, the current state of affairs. So to challenge the status quo means to do something unexpected, out of the norm. To go against the grain. To rebel against the system.

What does status quo mean?

The status quo is the present situation. If you are fighting against the status quo, it means that you want things to change. If you are trying to maintain the status quo, it means that you are trying to make sure that things don't change.

Name the term used to identify the current situation?

Status Quo

When was Quo - Status Quo album - created?

Quo - Status Quo album - was created in 1974-05.

What was status Quo name before status Quo?

They called 'The Spectres'.

What is a status quo?

Status quo is the stable state, no chnage has occurred

Why do conservatives have a preference for the status quo and desire change only in moderation?

Conservatives hold that a small government is the best way to govern a country. The current policies do not all support this type of government, but the republicans believe they do.

When was Status Quo - band - created?

Status Quo - band - was created in 1967.

What philosophy was anti-establishment and fought against the status quo and conformity in 1950?

beat movement

What a sentence for status quo?

Try and keep up with the status quo once in a while!

What city are Status Quo from?

Status Quo is an English rock band from London, England.

What is the term used to identify the current situation?

The term commonly used to identify the current situation is "the present moment" or "the current state of affairs."