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No. By definition, 'application' can only be a noun. The following is the logical result of an affirmative answer (Yes) to this query:

I application

you application

he, she, it application

we application

you application

they application...

all of which are nonsense.

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Q: Can the word application be a verb?
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Is pushed a noun?

Yes the word push can be a noun as in a short application of force. It can also be a verb.

Is the word 'applications' a verb or noun?

Usually in the context of computers it would be a noun, the plural of "application."

What is the verb for application?

The verb for application is apply. As in "to apply for something" or "to apply something to something else".

What is the verb form of application?

The verb form is apply.

What type of word is copy a verb?

Yes, the word copy is a verb (copy, copies, copying, copied). The word copy is also a noun (copy, copies).Example uses:Verb: I can copy my transcript at the library.Noun: I have to send a copy with my application.

Is the word do a verb?

Yes, the word 'do' is a verb.

Can the word be be a verb?

The word 'be' is indeed a verb.

Is the word verb a verb?

No, the word "verb" is a noun.

Is the word were a linking verb or helping verb?

the word were is a LINKING VERB.

What is the derived verb of the word method?

a derived verb is a word that has a verb

Is the word were a helping verb or a linking verb?

the word were is a LINKING VERB.

Is podcast a verb or noun?

The word 'podcast' is both a verb and a noun.The verb 'podcast' is means to distribute a series of digital media files over the internet available by a syndication application; a word for an action.The noun 'podcast' is a word for a series of digital media files distributed over the internet to which a user can subscribe; a word for the content of one or all of the files in such a series; a word for a thing.

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