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A false syllogism is one which takes two or more simple facts and derives a false third fact from the first two. The classic example is; Nuns are only women. Only women can have babies. Only Nuns can have babies.

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Q: Can you define false syllogisms
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What are some websites with false syllogisms?

First, you must consider the ease with which a crackpot can build a website, compared to how difficult it is for a respectable organization to satisfy the opinions and leanings of all its respectable members. After doing that, its easy to believe there are more than twice as many sites run by crackpots using false syllogisms than there are sensible ones, who aren't. Always remember, there's nobody editing the internet, there's hundreds of crackpots, but there's only one Brittanica, OED or Wiki.

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A syllogism is a basic logical argument that draws a conclusion from two premises. For example you may quote that 'if you eat chocolates, you must be fat'. A false syllogism takes two simple facts and creates a third fact - false - from the first two. For example, Killer dogs have long teeth, you say your dog has long teeth, so it must be a killer

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