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My pet Linnet likes to eat worms.

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Q: Can you get a sentence for LINNET?
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Sentence for linnet?

Linnet is a bird mostly found in the country of Africa. It has red head and breasts.

What part of speech is linnet?

The word linnet is a noun. A linnet is a small bird.

When did Green Linnet Records end?

Green Linnet Records ended in 2006.

When was Green Linnet Records created?

Green Linnet Records was created in 1976.

Is linnet a bird?

Yes it is a birdYes it is a bird

When was Anne Linnet born?

Anne Linnet was born on July 30, 1953, in rhus, Denmark.

Where can one find information on Anne Linnet?

Anne Linnet is a Danish musician who was featured in the Anne Linnet band and Marquis de Sade before going solo. For finding information on Anne Linnet they can go to Wikipedia which has a detailed biography and links to articles on this musician.

What actors and actresses appeared in The Linnet - 2006?

The cast of The Linnet - 2006 includes: Peter Devine as Bill

Is the lady linness is the sister of the lady linnet?

If you are referring to the King Arthur tales, yes Lady Linness is the sister of Lady Linnet.

What is a songbird starting with L 6 letters?


What is best seed for linnet in cage?

canary seed

What is 6 letter word that startes with Li and end in it?