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Try this question for examples of idioms.

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Q: Can you give me a 200 examples of idioms using in the sentences?
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Can you give examples of sentences using contruct?

The boy used wooden blocks to construct a tower.

Why do you used idioms in sentences?

The idioms of languages give a double meaning at times. It also may add some humor to a situation. "I had a dog once that was dumb as a brick."

Can you give examples of exclamatory sentences?


Can you give 5 examples of sentences with direct and indirect object?

give 5 sentences of direst object

Give some examples of sentences using word greeted?

A movie the prince greeted the queen with a nice and gentle handshake.

Can you give an examples of phrases which are considered as sentences?

no information...

Can you give me an examples of sentences using repercussion?

When the demolition crew brought down the building, we felt the repercussion four blocks away.

Examples of sentences with such as?

You can give examples such as this one. He wrote many books Such as 'batman'.

Can you give 10 exapmle sentences using the word exceed?

I will exceed the speed limit. Giving 10 examples might exceed my patience.

Can you give me examples of sentences using pronominal adjectives?

you may choose either part.There were several packages.Each child help a bouquet of roses.

Can you give me examples of sentences with the word examination?

I took an examination.

Can you give me some examples of some imperative sentences?