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His hesitation cost him the championship.

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Q: Can you give me hesitation in a sentence?
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How is hesitation used in a sentence?

I acted without hesitation

Could you put hesitation in a sentence?

Americans had no hesitation in voting for Obama.

A sentence with the word hesitation?

i feel hesitation between two questions in the exam

Use the word hesitation in a sentence?

One moments hesitation to my part, and the precious butterfly was lost forever. My teacher told me to never feel hesitation while on stage.

How do you use hesitation in a sentence?

My hesitation meant that someone else invited her to the dance.General McClellan's hesitation to pursue the Confederate forces was widely criticized in Washington.When he mentioned his father in the speech, there was a slight hesitation, as if he was wondering how the audience would react.A clogged fuel filter can lead to hesitation when trying to accelerate.One moments hesitation to my part, and the precious butterfly was lost forever.

What is a definition and sentence for hesitatance?

hesitation - noun - the action of hesitating before saying or doing something. He promised there would be no more hesitation in signing the contract.

What type of noun is hesitation?

The noun 'hesitation' is a singular, common, abstract noun; a word for an unwillingness or a delay in doing something; a word for a concept; a word for a thing.Example sentence: He had a slight hesitation before he made his decision.

When should you put a comma in a sentence?

To prevent run on sentences, or create pause or hesitation.

Can you write dauntless in a sentence?

The dauntless soldiers fought without hesitation, although they were greatly outnumbered.

What is a word that is the opposite of the word sentence?

Fragment, subordinate clause; indecision, delay, hesitation; hodgepodge, nonsense

What part of speech is hesitation?

Hesitation is a noun. Example: Her hesitation might have saved her life.

What is suffix in hesitation?

The suffix in hesitation is ion.

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