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Suffering from [a medical condition].

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Q: Choose the best meaning for this suffix. -itis?
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Choose the best meaning for this suffix -itis?

Suffering from [a medical condition].

What is the medical terminology combining form meaning disease or inflammation?

- Itis is the suffix meaning Inflammation-itisThe medical term for inflammation is actually the suffix, "itis" as in arthritis (inflamation of the joints), encelphalitis (inflammation of the brain), and blepharitis (inflammation of the eyelids), et. al.-itis-itis

What are the root suffix and prefix of phlebitis?

phled- meaning vein and itis- meaning inflammation

How did colitis get its name?

"Col" refers to the colon, and "-itis" is a suffix meaning "inflammation."

What is the suffix of dermatitis?


What is the combining form of poliomyelitis?

poliomyel (meaning the gray matter of the spinal cord). -itis is the suffix meaning inflammation.

Does dermatitis have a root and a suffix only?

dermatitis inflammation of the skin derm is the root word and means skin derm/a root combining form is the letter derm/a/ itis suffix (itis) meaning inflammation

What does the ending itis mean?

In medicine, the suffix "itis" means "inflammation".

What are medical words that end with -itis?

-itis is a suffix meaning "inflammation." words that include it are:adenitisalveolitisangiitisaortitisappendicitisarteritisarthritisasynclitisbalanitisbalanoposthitisblepharitisbronchiolitisbronchitisbursitiscarditiscellulitiscephalitiscerebromeningitiscervicitischeilitischolangitischolecystitischorditischoriomeningitischorioretinitiscolitiscolpitiscolpocystitisconjunctivitiscorditiscostochondritiscystitisdacryocystitisdermatitisdermatomyositisdesensitisdigitisdiverticulitisdynamitisencephalitisencephalomeningitisencephalomyelitisendarteritisendocarditisendocervicitisendometritisenteritisepicondylitisepididymitisepiglottitisepiscleritiseremitisesophagitisfavouritisfibromyositisfibrositisfolliculitisfuniculitisgastritisgastroenteritisgingivitisglomerulonephritisglossitishepatitishermaphroditishypersensitisileitisipsedixitisiridocyclitisiridokeratitisiritisjejunitisjejunoileitiskeratitiskeratoconjunctivitiskeratoiritiskeratoscleritislabyrinthitislaminitislaryngitislaryngopharyngitislaryngotracheobronchitisleptomeningitisleukoencephalitislymphadenitislymphangitismastitismastoiditismeningitismeningoencephalitismephitismetritismyelitismyocarditismyometritismyositisnephritisneuritisneurodermatitisoesophagitisoophoritisophthalmitisorchitisosteitisosteoarthritisosteomyelitisotitisovaritispancarditispancreatitispanencephalitispansinusitisparametritisparotitisperiarteritispericarditisperiodontitisperitonitisphalangitispharyngitisphlebitisphotoretinitisphotosensitisphrenitispneumonitispoliomyelitispolyarteritispolymyositispolyneuritisposthitisprioritisproctitisprostatitispseudohermaphroditispyelitispyelonephritisrachitisradiculitisretinitisrhinitisrhinotracheitissalpingitisscleritissensitissialadenitissinusitisspiritissplenitisspondylarthritisspondylitisstomatitissupersensitissynovitistarsitistendinitistendonitistendosynovitistenonitistenosynovitisthrombophlebitisthyroiditistonsillitistracheitistracheobronchitistympanitisulitisunitisurarthritisureteritisurethritisuveitisuvulitisvaginitisvalvulitisvasculitisvasovesiculitisvesiculitisvulvitisvulvovaginitis

What is the root words and suffix of lymphadenitis?

Root=lymph Suffix=itis

What is a suffix meaning swelling?

The suffix -itis refers to swelling or inflammation. Also, the root -edema which comes from the Greek word oidema also refers to swelling.

What is the medical term meaning inflammation of the pharynx?

Pharyngitis is inflammation of the pharynx or "sore throat"the -"itis" suffix means inflammation.

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