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More often than not a book is recreated into a movie and, it is a disappointment to most when it is changed. The short story, "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow", by Washington Irving is quite different from the movie Sleepy Hollow directed by Tim Burton. In this case it is a tale that was transformed into modern day Hollywood and the plot, characters, and setting are much more than a little diverse.

The characters of "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" are significantly different in the movie. For example, Ichabod Crane was undeniably attractive with his innocent-but-caring smile. Even the beautiful blond haired Katrina, that every man wanted to love, loved Ichabod. Furthermore, the larger than life Brom Bones was not important to the story even though he was willing to give his life to save Katrina. He actually did when the Headless Horseman entered the town and Brom took a swing at him and breathed his last breath. Another example of difference is the Headless Horseman himself. Since he was controlled by Katrina's step-mother he killed innumerable amounts of people. There were many differences but also similarities, such as Brom Bones and Ichabod still loving Katrina. Also, the still caring Ichabod was almost as equally frightened from the living dead Headless Hessian Horseman to the tiniest of spiders.

In the movie and in the book there were differences in the plot from the very beginning. For one thing, we knew the conflict from the very beginning; it got right to the point and there wasn't a thirty minute introduction. In addition the plot was based around the entire Van Garret issue making anyone an heir to the money a target for death. Finally, at the end Ichabod at last won over Katrina Van Tassel and moved to New York City away from the lurking shadows. Even though the movie's plot and the book's plot were almost completely different there were a few similarities. One example, of a similarity is the autumn party at the Van Tassels.

In the movie Sleepy Hollow the setting is basically the same as the book with a few exceptions. One difference in particular the many other setting such as the church, the woods, and the archer hearth. Furthermore, with many additions to the setting they missed one trivial part; Terry Town. There are many more similarities than differences in the settings circumstances. For one thing, the story takes place in the dreary Sleepy Hollow in the same time period, the eighteenth century. Also, there is an important tree in both cases. The Tree of the Dead in the movie and in the book it is Major AndrÃ's tree. Another similarity is that he was chased by Brom Bones pretending to be the Headless Horseman and was hit by a pumpkin twice.

A tale that was transformed into a modern day Hollywood and the plot, characters, and setting are much more than a little diverse. Even with changes to the legend, the movie was still superior. After reading the short story and watching the movie I appreciated the film better. I enjoyed the plot more, and it was easier to understand. Even more so, I got to see what the characters looked like and got to experience their personality. In this natural place, a while ago, Ichabod crane, spent time in Sleepy Hollow.

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Ichabod Crane is sent to Sleepy Hollow to investigate the decapitations of 3 people with the culprit being the legendary apparition, the Headless Horseman.


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ehhh in my opinion, the book was a little less homosexual than the yeah. they both suck eggs though

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well you can always tell that they won't always put everything in the book in a movie, so try your best to notice what it has and what it doesn't have. hope it helps ;-)

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Q: Compare and contrast between a book and a movie?
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