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This is not a sentence it is a phrase and as a phrase it is correct.

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Q: Correct the sentence fluidity of love?
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How would you use fluidity in a sentence?

Example sentence - He spoke with such fluidity we stayed to listen to his speech again.

How do you use fluidity in a sentence?


Which sentence is grammatically correct - 'I love you' or 'I loves you'?

"I love you" is grammatically correct.

Can you use fluidity in a sentence?

Yes, here is a sentence: " She does not know what fluidity means, so I told her." I hope that helped but wait........ was that your homework?

Is this correct sentence of YOUR PRESENCE IS ALWAYS THERE AND LOVE?

"Your presence is always there and love" is not a correct sentence. You might write "you and your love are always here for me."

Them and you love pancakes is this correct?

No, it is not correct. Here is the correct sentence: You and they love pancakes. Whenever in doubt which is the correct combination of pronouns, try the sentence with with each one individually: You love pancakes. They love pancakes. You and they love pancakes.

Which sentence is correct Love you both or Love both of you?

love you both

Is this correct usage for this sentence Let this promise remind you of his unfailing love?

The sentence Let this promise remind you of his unfailing love is grammatically correct.

Is you love them too correct sentence or not?

Of Couuursee Not .

If you have been in loved for 6 years - is that a correct sentence?

No, that sentence is not correct. That sentence should be: If you have been in love for 6 years.

Is it correct to use us in the sentence Us performers love theater?

"We performers love correct grammar" is better!

What is the correct grammar for the following sentence The example of what love is suppose to be?

It is not actually a sentence. It is a complete subject with no predicate. A sentence would be "This is an example of what love is supposed to be."

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