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The noun 'curiosity' is an abstract noun as a word for a strong desire to know or learn something, a word for an emotion; a word for an odd or interesting fact, a word for a concept.

Example sentence: It was curiosity that led me to this website.

The noun 'curiosity' is a concrete noun as a word for a strange or unusual object; a word for a physical thing.

Example sentence: It looks like a curiosity from an ancient culture.

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Q: Curiosity in a sentence using abstract and concrete noun?
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Using the abstract and concrete noun?

Both abstract and concrete nouns function as the subject of a sentence or a clause, and as the object of a verb or a preposition.EXAMPLESJack ate his sandwich. (concrete noun subject 'Jack'; concrete noun direct object 'sandwich')Your idea was a big help. (abstract noun subject 'idea'; abstract noun direct object 'help')The flowers will bloom when spring arrives. (concrete noun, subject of the sentence 'flowers'; abstract noun, subject of dependent clause 'spring')

Why information is an abstract noun and not a concrete noun?

We convert abstract noun into concrete noun by doing practically and using symbols. Other meaning of abstract is using lines and colors to form See abstract noun. It is a concrete noun

Can you give a sentence using curiosity?

'Curiosity killed the cat' is an ancient axiom.I delight in your child-like curiosity.

Is there a sentence using inquisitive?

This sentence has inquisitive in it. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Inquisitive is like curiosity: The class was inquisitive about the recluse spider.

What is a sentence using forbidding?

The forbidding chapter lead such a curiosity among the students

What is a sentence using the word curiosity?

The boy showed curiosity by asking his teacher.

Can you make a sentence using the word figurative?

Abstract or Literal

What is a sentence using the word abstract?

I saw the abstract painting on the wall. He read the essay after finding its abstract interesting. Abstract qualities such as honesty and justice are defined by culture.

Is god an abstract noun or a concrete noun?

The noun 'god' (or God) is an abstract noun, a word for a concept, not a physical person.When referring to a physical representation of a god, a statue or an idol, using the word 'god' is a concrete noun.

What is a sentence using homogeneous mixture?

Cement is a homogenous mixture, but concrete is not.

Is painting an abstract noun?

The noun 'painting' is an abstract noun as the process or art of using paint. The noun 'painting' is a concrete noun as a word for a piece of artwork.

What is a sentence using porous?

Concrete is porous and therefore has the ability to absorb from the surface.

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