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She had such a sunny, exuberant disposition that it was actually rather annoying.

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2009-11-03 04:29:52
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Q: Disposition in a sentence
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How do you use disposition in a sentence?

Oscar thought Paloma had a pleasing disposition.

Use the word disposition in a sentence?

My cat has a very affectionate disposition.

What is an example of a sentence using the word 'disposition'?

'The child had a kind and friendly disposition.' 'The commander had many soldiers at his disposition.'

Can you give a sentence for disposition?

A good, solid meal will greatly improve my disposition. I am waiting to hear the disposition of the case.

What is a sentence with the word disposition?

You just used it in a sentence but here is one; I have a strong disposition towards the man with the bad attitude.

What is a sentence using the word disposition?

The florist had a sunny disposition that made me smile. The court finally ruled on the disposition of his estate.

What is a good sentence for the word disposition?

"The army scout was able to see the disposition of the enemy troops." "My new teacher has a sunny disposition."

How would you put disposition in a sentence?

With its gentle disposition, the Golden Retriever is an excellent therapy animal.

A sentence for disposition?

The dog's disposition was very friendly and it would wag its tail when the man came home.

A sentence with the word sober?

The judge had a sober disposition.

A sentence with disposition?

Jullie woke up every morning with a sunny disposition, and she loved to annoy her grumpy, sleepy brothers with her cheerful singing.

What was Galileo convicted for and what was the disposition of his sentence?

heresy and was dispositioned(punished by) house arrest

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