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A direct object does answer what or whom.

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Q: Does direct object answers what or whom?
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What word answers what or whom?

A word that answers what or whom when, asked after the verb, is a direct object. An indirect object or an object of a preposition answers what or whom. A direct object, indirect object, and object of a preposition are nouns or pronouns.

AnswersWhat or Whom?

A noun or pronoun in the form of an object of a preposition answers what or whom. A noun or pronoun as an indirect or direct object also answer what or whom.

What is the difference between direct and indirect object?

An object is part of a sentence that refers to someone or something involved in the subject's performance of the verb. A direct object answers the question, What. An indirect object answers the question, to or for whom.

What are the function of the noun in the nominative and objective?

OBJECTIVE FUNCTION OF NOUNS Direct Object -answers the question what/whom Indirect Object -tells for whom/to whom -after the verb but before the direct object Object of the Preposition -after a preposition Example: Guiana gave Liana chocolates inside the classroom. chocolates -direct object Liana -indirect object Classroom -object of the preposition

In parts of speech and punctuation answer what and whom?

A direct object answers what or whom. ex: Give me a dollar. (give me what) ex: I reported him to the police. (reported whom)

What is a direct or indirect object?

direct object answers what to the verb and indirect object answers who to the verb.

What are examples of inderect objects?

An indirect object is a noun or pronoun that follows an action verb, receives the direct object, and answers: To whom and To what.

What is the direct and indirect object in The dog ate the food?

Food is the direct object. This sentence does not have an indirect object. The D.O. answers the question "the dog ate what?" An indirect object would answer the question "for whom / to whom / for what?" as in "I gave the dog a bone." I gave what? A bone (D.O.) I gave the bone to whom? The dog (I.O.)

Does a direct object answer what or whom?

D.O. is what or whom I.O. is to whom or for whom

What answers the question to or for whom?

an indirect object

What questions does a direct object answer?

What or whom

What answers what and whom?

The answer to "what" must be a noun or a pronoun that refers to things. It could be the subject or direct object of the sentence. Ex. What ingredient is needed for the cookies? Sugar is needed. (Subject.) What is he buying? He is buying a car. (direct object.) For whom, the answer is going to be a person or people, and it will be the direct object of the sentence. (The answer for who would be the subject.) Ex. Whom are you taking to the dance? (Notice how you is the subject.) I am taking Bruno. (Bruno is the direct object of the sentence. (For who-- Who is taking Bruno to the dance? Bruno is still the direct object. I am taking Bruno. I is the subject.)

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