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No. Seems is a copula ('linking' verb).

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Q: Does this sentence have an action verb Her dog seems fierce?
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Is there an action verbs in her dog seems fierce?

whats a verb for dog?

Does this sentence have an action verb This dog seems intelligent?

No.Seems is a state verb.

What is the verb in The milk seems sour to you?

The verb in this sentence is "seems."

Which sentence is the verb a linking verb a he works at a gas station b he has walked to work from his house c his hours are long and busy d his boss pays him well.?

Which sentence contains an action verb? A. Mary works every day. B. She was lazy last year. C. Her dog seems fierce. D. Lynn is pretty.

Is seems an action verb?

No it is a linking verb

What part of speech is seems?

it is a linking verb. "Seems" "tastes" "smells" are all the same kind of verb, what one of my old teacher called "Wannabe Verbs", meaning they want to be a "Being Verb" (be, is, was, might be, etc. etc.) The soup seems good..... SEEMS is a Linking Verb to GOOD, which is the PREDICATE ADJECTIVE

What sentence contains action verb?

A sentence that has an action verb in it is..... She waved at the neighbors next door.

What part of speech is the action in a sentence?

The action in a sentence is a verb.

What is the verb in the sentence he seems to be tired?

Seems is the verb. To be tired is a verbal phrase, a verb form functioning as another part of speech in this sentence.

What is the action verb in the following sentence The bread was a gift?

There is no action verb. The verb "is" (to be) is a linking verb.

What is a sentence with a transitive and intransitive verb?

A sentence with a transitive verb (an action verb that has a direct object) is "I moved a sofa". A sentence with an intransitive verb (an action verb that does not have a direct object) is "I giggled".

What is the action verb in the sentence do mosquitoes have tiny teeth?

The action verb is have.

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