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"Passe un bon séjour en France"

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Q: How do you say have a lovely time in France in French?
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How do you say lovely restaurant in french?

lovely restaurant - chamant resturante

How dou say France in french?

In French, you say "France" as "France."

How do you say lovely girl in French?

A lovely girl = une fille charmante.

How do you say France is a lovely country?

la France est un beau pays

How do you say lovely dogs in french?

chiens adorables

How do you say lovely child in french?

bel enfant

How do you say lady lovely in french?

"Jolie dame"

How do you say your lovely home in French?

Jolie maison

How do you say lovely shoes in French?

Belles chaussures.

How do you say in french that looks lovely?

C'est ravissant.

How do you say lovely in french?

trés beau/belle

How do you say how lovely in french?

tres joli means very beautiful in french.