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This is how you ask "what is your favorite color?" in french:

ce qui est votre couleur préférée

- hope that helps! :)

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Q: How do you say what your favorite color is in french?
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How do you say 'my favorite color was' in french?

je coleur preferee est ......

How do you say favorite color in spanish?

Favorite color in Spanish is color favorito.

How do you say my favorite school are in french?

my school favorite mean mon école favorite in french

What is 'My favorite color is pink' when translated from English to French?

"My favorite color is pink" in English is Le rose est ma couleur préférée in French.

What is Jennette mccurdys favorite color?

Her favorite color is purple, green, and orange.Some say green!

What is Austin Mahones favorite color?

Austin Mahone's favorite color is red.Some say that it is red.

How do you say What is your faviourite color in French?

You say "Quelle est ta couleur préférée ?" in French to ask someone "What is your favorite color?"

How do you say the colour gold in french?

The color gold in French is "or".

What is 'favorite color' when translated from English to French?

Couleur préférée is a French equivalent of the English phrase "favorite color." The feminine singular phrase also translates as "preferred color" in French. The pronunciation will be "koo-lur prey-fey-rey" in French.

What does Bella say her favorite color was?

she doesnt have a favorite color. she says it changes from day to day. But, at that moment she says her favorite color is brown.

How do you say 'my favourite color is' in French?

"My favorite color is..." --> "Ma couleur préférée est le..." -- "mah koo-luhr pray-fay-ray eh luh..." All colors in French are masculine when used as nouns. (Even rose is masculine when it's the color rather than the flower.)

What is mcihael Jackson's favorite color?

Micheal Jackson's favorite color is yellow [ some say]