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either been as in I have been to the shops or bean as in a runner bean

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Q: How do you spell been?
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What spell revives someone who has been hit by a Stunning spell in Harry Potter?

Rennervate is the spell used to revive someone hit by a Stunning Spell.

The spell invented by Severus Snape which makes the target look as if he had been slashed by a sword?

that spell is 'sectumsempra'

Which famous star has Iyaz been out with?

Spell Right?

How do you spell dameged?

A broken window has been damaged.

How much human energy can one person push out to cast a spell?

No man can cast a spell upon another. Spell casting is done by auto-suggestion, in other words having the other person believe that a spell have been put upon them. If the person is of weak mind they may be subjected into thinking that a spell has been cast. Robert

What are different ways to spell been?

Similar words to been, include bean and being.

Why there is no contact rule after spell been cast?

Because, that would totally be cheating! You don't see harry potter hitting someone after he's been hit by a spell do, so you see? you can only cast a spell back if you've been hit by one ... besides, you might hurt someone

Why did Professor Lochart's spell backfire?

Professor Lochart's spell backfired because he made a mistake in the incantation or the casting process. It may have been due to a mispronunciation or misunderstanding of the spell's requirements. Alternatively, there could have been an unforeseen complication or interference in the spell's magical energies.

How do you spell actioned as in I have been actioned in the minutes of the meeting?


How do you spell disheavled?

If you have been lied to, you have been deceived.

How do you spell the past tense of been?

The past tense of "be" is "was" or "were" depending on the subject.

How do you spell vietran?

The name for someone experienced, or who has been in the military, is a "veteran".