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I didn't finish my homework last night, but luckily I have a study hall, so I can finish it.

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Q: How use luckily in a sentence?
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Can you use the word luckily in a sentence?

Luckily, we had a spare tire.

How can you use luckily in a sentence?

Yes, its lucky you asked.

How do you use osteoplasty in a sentence?

luckily he didnt have to have an osteoplasty

How could you use the word luckily in a sentence?

Luckily, a taxi showed up so he could get to the concert on time.

What sentence to use for helmet?

While I was on my bike I painfully fell off of it although luckily I was wearing my sturdy helmet.

Benign in a sentence?

Luckily, the tumor was benign.

Why do you put a comma after luckily in a sentence?

A comma after "luckily" in a sentence helps to separate the introductory adverb from the main clause, providing a brief pause and allowing for better clarity and emphasis in the sentence.

Can you give me sentence with luckily?

Adam was choking on some chicken at the dinner party but luckily Jack knew CPR.

How can you use the word thwarted in a sentence?

Luckily for everybody on Earth but him, the alert prison guards thwarted every one of his escape plans.

Can you give a sentence with word luckily?

Luckily, the glass didn't break when I dropped it. Luckily, we made it to the airport just in time. He thought we were out of dog food, but luckily there was some in the back of the cabinet. I didn't understand long division, and luckily, it wasn't on the test.

Can you use the word defense in a sentence?

his defense tactics were useless.The three girls were horrified as an evil monster approached but luckily Emily was trained in self defence.

What is a good sentence for daughter?

After the fight, they tried to murder his daughter, but luckily the police found out.