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I would begin by spelling "sentence" correctly

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Q: How would you use bourgeois in a sentence?
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How do you use markets in a sentence?

Marketable commodity, even for the bourgeois houses

Can you make a sentence using the word bourgeois?

An average person is considered to be bourgeois, or part of the bourgeoisie.

Put bourgeois in a sentence?

She came from a bourgeois family. These are words from a song called the Bourgeois Blues: Me and my wife went all over town evry where we went the people turned us down Lord it's a bourgeois town I got the bourgeois blues gonna spread the news all around.

What is a sentence for bourgeois?

She joined a commune, not wishing to continue her bourgeois suburban lifestyle. Socialists often decry the bourgeois excesses of most capitalist societies. Some people think that Christmas has become an over-commercialized bourgeois holiday, and therefore less connected with its religious origin.

How would you use theory in a sentence?

How would you use theory in a sentence

How would you use democracy in a sentence?

how would you use the word demacracy in a sentence?

How would you use authentically in a sentence?

I would use it correctly in a sentence, of course. Thank you for asking.

How would you use paroxysm in a sentence?

Jarry use paroxysm in a sentence.\

Can you use Would not that be in a sentence?

Would not that be "Would not that be?"?

How would you use Hinduism in a sentence?

how would u use hinduism in a sentence?...well,,answer it in your own......thats the answer. :)

Can you use how in a sentence?

How would you like me to put that in a sentence?

How would you use reassuring in a sentence?

reassuring sentence

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