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Q: In the sentence sandy picked the pink roses which one is the adjective?
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What is the antecedent for the capitalized pronoun in this sentence After the meeting Carol and Sandy went THEIR separate ways?

In the example sentence, the antecedent to the possessive adjective 'their' is Carol and Sandy.

What is an adjective for sand?

The adjective form is sandy.

Is sandy a proper adjective?


What is the noun for sandy?

The noun form for the adjective sandy is sandiness.

What part of speech is sandy?

Sandy can be an adjective (sandy hair) or a proper noun (a person's name).

What is an adjective for the sand?

The noun sand has the adjective form "sandy."The verb "to sand" has the past particle adjective "sanded."

How do you spell sandy?

That is the correct spelling of the adjective "sandy."The female given name is likewise Sandy, or possibly Sandie or Sandi.(Both Sandra and Sandy are from the name Alexandra.)

What is a ten syllable sentence ending in sandy?

The beach, at dusk, was extremely sandy. My aunt had a cat that was named Sandy.

What part of the sentence does a predicate nominative rename?

The subject. example: Sandy is a teacher. Sandy=teacher

Is sandy a noun?

yes sometimes because if sandy is a person than yes.If you were saying that that something looks sandy then its an adjective ( a word that describes or gives extra meaning to a noun) for example "the great sandy desert" What sort of a desert? a sandy desert. both great and sandy are adjectives.

What is a good sentence for hurricane?

i highbernated during hurricane sandy

How is dilapidated used in a sentence?

Dilapidated can be used in a sentence like " There were numerous dilapidated buildings after Hurricane Sandy

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