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The verb is was, a form of the verb to be.

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Q: Inside the classroom was a happy teacher which is the verb?
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A sentence using and labeling verb?

My teacher was labeling the classroom;

What are examples of singular or plural verbs that agree with the subject?

singular subject and singular verb forms:- I am happy. The teacher is happy. The boy was happy. She likes ice cream. The teacher likes ice cream. She has an ice cream. The teacher has an ice cream.Plural subjects plural verb forms:- They are happy. The teachers were happy. They like ice cream. The teachers have ice creams.

Is remained a linking verb?

Can be. "Despite the noise and confusion in the classroom, the teacher remained calm."

How do you know if a linking verb is a predicate adjective or noun?

A linking verb followed by a predicate noun renames the subject, while a linking verb followed by a predicate adjective describes the subject. To determine which is being used, consider whether the word after the linking verb is naming the subject (noun) or describing it (adjective).

What type of verb is happiness?

The word happiness is not a verb, it's a noun, a singular, common, abstract noun. There is no verb form for the word happy or happiness, it would be phrased 'make happy', 'be happy' or 'feel happy', etc.

What is the verb for happiness?

The verb of happiness is happy. As in "to be happy".

Is happy a physical verb or mental verb?

Happy isn't any kind of verb; it's an adjective.

Is happy a verb?

No. Happy is an Adjective.

What is the past tense of teacher?

Teacher is a noun, not a verb. Teach is a verb, and the past tense is taught.

Is happy an action verb?

No, the word 'happy' is not a verb; happy is an adjective, a word that describes a noun. The noun form is happiness; the adverb form is happily. There is no verb form.

Does this fragment have a verb Next to the teacher's big desk?

No, the fragment "Next to the teacher's big desk" does not have a verb. It is a prepositional phrase that provides information about the location of something but lacks a main action or verb to complete the sentence.

What is a verb raining or inside?

Raining is a verb. Inside is a preposition.