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The irate driver sped past the bus then proceeded to run his car onto a curb as he turned the corner.

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Q: Irate in a sentence
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Can you use the word irate as a verb in a sentence?

No irate is an adjective.

What is a sentence using irate?

the irate man stormed down the checkout line to return his defective coffee machine

Is the word irate a verb?

No. If you put the word in a simple sentence you can see it is not a verb eg The dog irates the cat. = not correct so it is not a verb. The dog irritates the cat. = correct. I am irate. = a correct sentence. Irate is an adjective. The "verb of irate" is "generate ire" or "cause ire" or "bring about ire".

What is a sentence using the word irate?

Seeing drivers using their cell phones while driving makes me irate. The irate housekeeper threaten to punish the mischievous children for their antics. The boss becomes very irate when my reports are late.

How do you use the word irate in a sentence?

Unless you want to face an irate boss, always arrive on time to staff meetings. Seeing other drivers who are using their cell phones makes him irate. The irate workers marched on a picket line outside the factory.

Is irate a noun?

No, 'irate' is an adjective, a word to describe a noun: an irate driver.Irateness is the noun form.

What prefix does dangered need in this sentence the irate perpetrator dangered the innocent bystanders when he exceeded the speed limit?


What does it mean to be irate?

To be irate is to be very angry or infuriated.

How do you pronounce irate?

you say it like it sounds. i/rate=irate

What is the synonym for irate?

Synonyms for irate include angry, mad, furious...

What part of speech is the word irate?

Irate is an adjective.

What actors and actresses appeared in Irate Gamer Neo - 2007?

The cast of Irate Gamer Neo - 2007 includes: Chris Bores as The Irate Gamer

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