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The correct form in "to whet your appetite".

"Whet" means to hone or to make more keen or stimulated, whereas "wet" means to cover or soak with water.

a whet "wet" rock is used to sharpen knives.

the stone or rock is actually wet with water or oil to lubricate & cool the material bing sharpened

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Q: Is it 'wet' your appetite or 'whet' your appetite?
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How can you write a sentence with wet and whet?

A wet stone will help me whet my edged tools. I wanted to whet my appetite, but she said I was all wet.

What blues song has lyric you wet my appetite?

The song is called "WHET my appetite", sung by Teresa James!

Is it wet your thirst or whet your thirst?

Whet your thirst. From Websters: to make keen or more acute : EXCITE, STIMULATE *whet the appetite* *whetted her curiosity*

How do you whet appetite?

You whet an appetite by smelling or tasting something that you really like.

What is the homonym of wet?


What is a sentence for whet?

The smell of an apple pie cooking in the oven will never fail to whet my appetite.

Can you use whet in a sentence?

Smelling the steaks on the barbecue really whet my appetite!I bought a new stone to whet the blade of my dager.

How do you use the word whet in a sentence?

The word whet is a verb that means to make sharp. The wonderful aromas coming from the kitchen served to whet David's appetite.

What is the best way to whet your appetite for Peking Duck?

Don't eat the beak and you'll escape the napper.

What are the 2 synonyms for the word whet?

Sharpen, as when sharpening a knife with a whetstone, and intensify, like when something 'whets' your appetite.

What is the best way to whet your appetite for traditional peking duck with more duck which part of the bird will you likely not be eating as a starter?


Why are hors d'oeuvres always small items?

Because they are only supposed to whet the appetite and not fill you up, since they come at the start of the meal.

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