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It is grammatically correct, but still wrong. Use "make a commitment."

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Q: Is it gramatically correct to use 'take a commitment'?
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How do use exhortation in a sentence?

You take the word, and put it in a gramatically correct sentence. :) *HEY NATALIE ;) FROM: BANANA*

Is it grammatically correct to use -a commitment to provide or a commitment to providing?

they take it as their duty and commitment to provide a world-class

Is it gramatically correct to use its without an apostrophe?

Unless it means "it is", there is no apostrophe in "its". See related question.

Can you use the and symbol instead of 'and' and still be gramatically correct?

Use of the ampersand (&) in writing is a spelling mistake. Not acceptable unless you're trying to be funny.

Is the phrase please rest assured gramatically correct?

It is incorrect because of redundancy. It is correct to use the words separately like "Please be assured..." or "Rest assured that..."

Is is gramatically correct to say I retrospect?

Technically, you could use retrospect as a verb, but it is not good usage. It would be better to say "I remember."

Is the sentence attached is my resume and biodata grammatically correct?

The sentence is gramatically correct but I would recommend you to use something like this. Attached herewith is my resume and biodata. or Please find my attached resume for your perusal.

Is this sentence gramatically correct - as well you are too?

The clause / sentence has no meaning out of context. If it is a response, the somewhat archaic but correct construction is "I am fine, as I hope you are as well." You would not use the words "too" and "as well" in the same clause as that is redundant.

Which is gramatically correct let's get us lawyers a raise or let's get we lawyers a raise?

I would not use either of them. Let's get lawyers a raise! and leave the fact that speaker is a lawyer be inferred from for the context.

Do you italisize the title of a movie?

To be gramatically correct, yes. You do italicize the title of a movie. (As well as books.) But if you're using something that can't use italics (such as a typewriter), you're supposed to underline it.

Is it gramatically correct to say the ones... As in 'The hinges on this door are similar to the ones on another door'. It seem like it should be replaced with 'those'.?

"One" can be a pronoun, but I think I would use "those" in this instance, too.

Is it proper to say something was received for free?

'Received for free' is used in informal speech and writing, but not in prose. 'Free', 'free of charge', 'for nothing', or 'at no cost' is better if you want to use gramatically correct English.

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