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A check of five dictionaries and Wiktionary shows that the word 'soccer' is a noun only, not an adjective. (I don't know who decides these things.)

When a noun is used to describe another noun, such as soccer ball or soccer field, it's called an attributive noun.

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Q: Is soccer ball a noun or is it an adjective and noun?
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Is soccer a noun or pronoun?

Soccer is a noun, as in the sportbut it can also be an adjective as in soccer ball

Is The boy kicked the soccer ball under the car an adjective?

No, it is a sentence that might contain an adjective. But the noun soccer placed before the noun ball is not considered an adjective. It is a noun adjunct or attributive noun that does not modify the ball.

Is soccer ball a common noun?

Yes, soccer ball is a common noun.

What is a Sentence using soccer as a noun and adjective?

We played soccer (noun) at the soccer (adject) club.

Is ball an adjective?

No, it is a noun, with several meanings, and also a verb. The noun is typically used as a noun adjunct (ball lightning, ball gown) but there is a past participle adjective , balled, meaning made or shaped into a ball.

How is the word soccer in the sentence The boy played soccer an adjective?

Soccer isn't an adjective, it's a noun. There are no adjectives in the sentence. 'Boy' and 'soccer' are nouns, and 'played' is the verb.

How would you know its a noun or adjective?

A noun is a person, place, or thing: Person: John, Sally, Frank Place: New York, Boston, Madrid Thing: car, boat, ball An adjective is a word that describes the noun. a red ball ('red' is the adjective - it describes the noun 'ball') a good vacation ('good' is the adjective - it describes the noun 'vacation') an ugly woman ('ugly' is the adjective - it describes the noun 'woman')

What noun describes soccer?

Soccer is a noun as it is the name of a game. Descriptive words are adjectives. If the answer you were looking for was an 'Adjective' then my answer would be Smashing Soccer. I personally enjoy this game. :)

Is soccer an adverb?

No, the word soccer is a noun, although widely used as an adjunct (e.g. soccer ball, soccer rules).

When is a word a pronoun or adjective?

A pronoun is any word that acts as a noun. An adjective modifies a noun. The difference between a possessive adjective (my, his, her) and a possessive pronoun is that the adjective form can be used before a noun, while the pronoun form is used with a verb. The pronoun "his" is both an adjective and a pronoun, while "her" is an adjective and "hers" is a pronoun, one that could not be used before a noun (It is her ball. It is her ball.)

Is professionals an adjective?

professional can be an adj. and a noun. for example, he is a professional soccer player, (noun) or that is professional (adjective) meaning it is quite good, work worthy. but professionALS is a noun, its the plural of professional (noun)

Is wooden ball a verb?

Ball is a noun, wooden is an adjective. A noun is the name of a person, place or thing, an adjective is what describes it. A verb is an action word. For example, in the following sentence:"They played with a wooden ball."Ball is the nounPlayed is the verbWooden is the adjectiveAnother example:"He threw a wooden ball."Threw is a verbWooden is an adjectiveBall is a noun

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