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yes, it is

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Q: Is the phrase the end result grammatically correct?
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Is this sentence grammarically correct where are you at?

No, it is not grammatically correct because it has a redundancy of words. The correct phrase is, " . . . where are you?" (This one is nearly as bad as " end result", or "fall down", or "rise up".)

Is it grammatically correct to end a sentence with the word are?


Is it grammatically correct to write end-of-the-year or end of the year?

end of the year

Is it grammatically correct to say is it?

Tag questions can end in it. That's correct, isn't it? or That's not correct, is it?

Is it grammatically correct to end a sentence with the word so?

I think so.

Is it grammatically correct to say Where You At?

It is not, but it is widely used because it conveys the general idea of the question as well as its grammatically correct version.No you should say "Where are you" the at at the end is not needed.

Is it grammatically correct to say '60 end life'?

Depends what you mean by 60 end life.

It was a pleasure to meet you this morning Is it grammatically correct?

As long as there is a period on the end, yes, it is.

Is it grammatically correct to begin a sentence with a preposition?

Yes. And to end one, too!

Is this sentence grammatically correct If it were to all end now I would have had my fill?

yes that would be grammatically correct. Some editors, old-fashioned ones perhaps, would change "to all end" to "all to end" on the grounds that the former is a "split infinitive."

Is the sentence Honda motors sell cars grammatically correct?

Honda Motors sells cars. correct with a period at the end :)

Is this grammatically correct - What did you do tonight?

Yes, it is correct, assuming that the question is asked towards the end of the evening, when the activity has been completed.

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