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No this is incorrect grammar.

To make the sentence grammatically correct you should say:

One of my cousins came yesterday.

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Q: Is the sentence correct -One of mycousin has come yesterday?
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Which is correct did she came yesterday or did she come yesterday?

Hi! It's did she come yesterday!

Which is correct did they came on yesterday or did they come on yesterday?

None of the above, though the second is closer. The correct one would be: Did they come yesterday?

Is it correct to use you could had come yesterday?

No. You could say 'you could have come yesterday', or 'you would have come yesterday', or 'if you had come yesterday', though.

What is correct-did she came yesterday or did she come yesterday?

"Did she come yesterday" would be correctQuestions in the Simple Past Tense in English use the auxiliary "did" and the present tense of the verb.Did she come yesterday?

Which sentence is correct 'I come home at 3PM' or 'I come to home at 3PM'?

The correct sentence is 'I will come home at 3pm'.

Is it correct sentence come and enter into the world of fun?

Yes, the sentence is correct. The implied subject of the sentence is you."You come...""You enter..."

Is the sentence-- you saw your uncle and aunt come out--correct?

Yes, the sentence is correct.

When did your friend came correct the sentence?

The correct grammar for this sentence is: When did your friend come?

Her friends had come home yesterday is it correct?

Yes i Believe it Is Correct . As an English Teacher , I Hope I Have Helped You .

How do you use werent in a sentence?

"Weren't you at the ceremony yesterday?" "How come you weren't here yesterday?"

Which sentence is correct 'i came from' or 'i come from'?

I am from. :)

Is he should never have come here a correct sentence?

No, 'Is he should never have come here' is not a correct sentence and it should be 'He should never have come here.'

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