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Only if there is no semicolon between "tired" and "you".

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Q: Is the sentence you are tired you need to sleep today a run-on sentence?
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What is the predicate adjective for the sentence you look tired today?

answer is you

Indefatigable in a sentence?

wow today is such a tired and boring day i feel so indefatigable

What is a sentence using the word sluggish?

I'm feeling very sluggish today because I got so little sleep last night.

What part of speech is today in the sentence Today is a good day?

Today is a noun in that sentence.

What is the predicate adjective and noun or pronoun in the sentence you look tired today?

"You look tired today." (you = tired)The adjective tired is the predicate adjective (also called a subject complement).The predicate adjective is the adjective following a linking verb which modifies (describes) the subject of the sentence.A linking verb acts as an equals sign, the object of the verb is a form of the subject (Mary is my sister. Mary=sister); or the subject becomes the object (Mary's feet got wet. feet->wet).

I dont know what is wrong with me I was extremely underline extremely Moody yesterday And today I couldn't sleep but i was so tired Whats going on?

Well, depending on your age, you could be getting your period? I couldn't sleep at all my first few periods. If you already have it ignore that though. xD

Does watching TV make you tired?

yes it does i was watching tv today i was so tired after watching it for 2 long hours so yes the tv does make you tired

What part of speech is today in the sentence Hey they opened the cafeteria early TODAY for breakfast?

Today is an adverb in that sentence.

How would you put weather in a sentence?

How is the weather today? In a sentence: "The weather was terrible today."

What is the subject in this sentence today is a gorgeous day?

The subject in this sentence is "today," and the verb is "is".

What is wrong in the sentence 'Do you need it by today'?

As 'today' is the current time when the sentence is used, it does not make sense to say 'by today', as today has already been reached.A better way to phrase the sentence is 'Do you need it today.' This sentence makes sense, as it is possible for the action to be carried out at a later time on that day.

What does the idiom dog-tired mean?

It means a person is extremely tired or totally drained. Ex: All that yard work today, in the hot sun, has me dog-tired! Derived from the fact that dogs are always panting, with thier tongues out, as if they were really tired.

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