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Dictionaries are widely inconsistent for the word. Some list it as two words time out, or a hyphenated form, time-out, or the one word timeout. The hyphenated form seems to have the longest usage, but it is flagged by spell-checkers in favor of timeout.

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Q: Is timeout one word
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What is a compound word beginning with time?


What is the duration of timeout?

In basketball, a timeout is one minute. There's two types of timeouts: you have one minute, timeout and a twenty second time out. Coaches only have one twenty second timeout, so it's best to use that one in the 4th quarter, with like 20 seconds left in the game.

What is a timeout on the floor in basketball and how does it differ from an official timeout?

Timeout on the floor is a timeout called by a player or coach on either team. An official timeout is a timeout called by the officials and is generally a timeout for a television or radio commercial break.

If a timeout is one minute what is the 30 second timeout?

The 30-second timeout is to correct a play call or injury within the 2-mintue mark. The 30-second timeout is to correct a play call or injury within the 2-mintue mark.

How do you spell time out?

The term specifically used as a noun may be one word "timeout" (the coach called a timeout) but is more often spelled hyphenated time-out (there was a time-out called), while taking "time out" from an activity is two words.

Is people a compound word?

no. A compound word is formed by combining two or more other words like timeout.

Who can call timeout in NBA games?

The coach can call a timeout

How long is a full timeout in the NBA?

Well it depends if its a full time out or half timeout. If its a full timeout than its one minute. But if its a half its only thirty sec. Now who decides what they use? The coach does of course silly!

Can one put a friendship on hold?

Yes its called a Friendship Timeout... :)

What is the Medical term timeout mean?

A "timeout" was performed in the room prior to procedure

What does TO stand for in stats of basketball?

timeout No, It's not a timeout, that has nothing to do with stats.. TO means a turnover

How long does a timeout last in volleyball?

A timeout lasts 1:00 in a volleyball game.

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